Overlooked Attractions: Future World

Epcot at Walt Disney World is an enormous park, and Future World is the largest section, which makes it very easy to overlook fun attractions in order to fit in the more popular experiences.

However, there are several experiences worth doing that you may have overlooked. Read more to find out which ones!

These attractions are often bypassed as guests attempt to race to the most popular rides in Epcot: Soarin', Mission: Space, and Test Track. In addition, the large centerpiece of Spaceship Earth catches every guest's eye upon entering the park.

Ellen's Energy Adventure

Located close to the main entrance to the park, on the left as you enter, Ellen's Energy Adventure is a fun journey through the history of energy. Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy star in this adventure, where the theater becomes a time machine, using surround cinema technology to enhance the experience. During the show, the theater transforms into 6-passenger vehicles that move through various displays, ending with another movie experience. The show lasts about 45 minutes, but new shows start approximately every 17 minutes.

Advanced Training Lab

This attraction is actually the post-show to the Mission: Space adventure, and is often bypassed on the way out of the ride. However, there are four different interactive experiences here:
  1. Mission: Space Race - Two teams (astronauts and ground control) compete to be the first to send a rocket from Mars back to Earth. Up to 56 people can play at once.
  2. Expedition Mars - The object of this joystick video game is to find your 4 fellow astronauts on the surface of Mars within 4 minutes.
  3. Space Base - This interactive space-themed playground is designed for young children.
  4. Postcards from Space - Guests can email a space video of themselves to anyone. This is a great souvenir of your trip!

It is possible to explore the Advanced Training Lab without riding Mission: SPACE.

The Circle of Life

This attraction is found in The Land Pavilion, and is often overlooked in favor of Soarin' and Living with the Land. This 20-minute movie includes scenes filmed in over 30 countries, as Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa explain the importance of protecting our land and environment. Children enjoy the mixture of animation and live film.


Innoventions is an experience full of interactive exhibits for all ages. Housed in two separate pavilions labeled "East" and "West", there is a variety of adventures to explore!

Innoventions East:
  • The Sum of All Thrills - Design your own thrill ride using math, science, and engineering. Then experience your ride using a simulator!
  • StormStruck - Learn how to be prepared in the event of a weather emergency.
  • Test the Limits Lab - Attempt to damage everyday objects to test their safety.
  • Environmentality Corner - Discover how to have a "green" mentality.
Innoventions West:
  • Segway Central - Experience a Segway personal transporter. There are age and size limitations.
  • SmarterPlanet - Create an avatar to use in a video game! You can then email your game to anyone!
  • The Great Piggy Bank Adventure - This interactive experience helps teach children to save for a future goal.
  • Video Game Playground - Play a variety of video games using the latest technology.
  • Where's the Fire? - Learn about fire hazards and fire safety in an interactive game house.
Segway Central

Since these overlooked attractions do not have a minimum height requirement (with the exception of Segway Central), they are ideal for families with younger children.

What do you think of these overlooked attractions in Future World?