Why Cruise? Why Disney?

Every time I get into a discussion about cruises, I inevitably become the Disney Cruise Line proponent. Cruise discussions tend to fall into 2 categories: people who have never cruised and people who have cruised but don't understand what is different or special about a Disney cruise.

In this post, I will try to answer two important questions that come up frequently in these discussions.

Why cruise?

If you have never been on a cruise, this question is on the top of the list. It is sometimes difficult to understand the appeal of "being on a boat" and "not able to go anywhere." Let me try to explain some of the top reasons cruise vacations are so appealing, and why frequent cruise travelers keep going back to a cruise.

  1. A cruise can be as relaxing or as exciting as you choose. You can spend all day lounging on the pool deck or beach, or you can choose to participate in the ship nightlife or active excursions at the ports of call.
  2. Your group can be together, yet still participate in different activities. Cruise ships have a variety of opportunities for all ages and personalities, so it is easy to separate for a few hours for an activity, and get back together for some group fun or relaxation.
  3. You can easily switch between casual and fancy within a couple of hours. Be a beach bum at a Caribbean island, then dress up for a formal dinner...the best of both worlds!
  4. Cruises are virtually all-inclusive. For one price, you have lodging, meals, exotic destinations, fun activities, and luxury service. Usually the extra costs are limited to alcoholic beverages, land excursions, special events, and gratuities. It's hard to pass up a vacation where you pay ahead of time, then it feels "free" because you're paying very little in the midst of your fun!

And now...

Why Disney?

Many people I meet have done at least one cruise, maybe several cruises, but they don't understand the appeal of a Disney cruise. Their main comments seem to center around the idea that "it's all about Disney characters" on a Disney cruise. However, most people who have done a Disney cruise say they will never go on any other cruise line, even if they don't have kids! Why?

  1. No one does service like Disney! When you travel on the Disney Cruise Line, you get all of the amenities of the other cruise lines, with Disney service! The same attention to detail, cleanliness, and friendliness that have made Disney Parks a top destination can be found on every Disney Cruise Line ship.
  2. Every individual is a VIP on a Disney ship. Having traveled on another cruise line, and talked with a variety of people who have traveled on other cruise lines, it becomes clear that most cruise lines have a target clientele; they primarily focus on older adults, young adults, or families. Disney, however, manages to have almost equal opportunities for every age or personality! A prime example of this is the pool deck on Disney ships, where there is a separate family pool and another adults-only area.
  3. It's about the theming! Disney is well-known worldwide for its attention to detail and creative designs, including the queue areas for attractions and the overall atmosphere of each Disney area. These same attributes are found on Disney Cruise Line ships, from the elegant lobby to the theater areas, nightclubs, pools, and kids deck. Several ships even have "magical portholes" for the inside staterooms, so they can have a virtual view out the window!
  4. The children's activities are second to none. Disney ships each have an entire deck devoted to children, from childcare for children 3 months-3 years, to the Oceaneer's Club and Lab for active playtime, to a teens-only club-like area! Wave phones in the staterooms can be used like shortwave radios, and are used to contact parents if needed while children are supervised by Disney Cruise Line castmembers.
  5. There are so many choices! Disney really does offer something for everyone. From the variety of cruise itineraries, to stateroom options, to ship activities, to land excursions...everyone can have a magical time on a Disney cruise! You can even extend the Disney magic further by pairing your cruise with an Adventures by Disney vacation; Adventures by Disney would take care of every moment of your land excursions, then you would get on the ship for the Disney Cruise Line treatment!

I hope that I have helped to answer these two main questions about cruises and Disney Cruise Line cruises. Feel free to comment below with questions or your own personal experiences with cruising.