4 Ways to Support Me (or any small business)

As a small business, I often find myself needing support from friends, family, and the community. Many people are excited about my business as a travel consultant, but unsure how to best support me in my business endeavors. Here is a quick graphic to show how you can help spread the word about Imaginations Vacations by Katherine at Happily Ever After Travel. Keep reading for more details about each point.

  1. Use my services. I enjoy helping clients have a vacation as big as the imagination. However, it is frustrating when I am asked for advice by those who have no intention of booking a vacation with me. Regardless of the reason you may choose to book your vacation using another resource, respect the time and effort put in to any information you request. As a travel consultant, this is a business, and I need to spend my time on legitimate business prospects.
  2. Interact on Facebook. Facebook is an important marketing platform, and many users do not fully understand how it works, especially since it is constantly changing. There are a few important ways that you can be sure to support my Facebook marketing. First, like my business page: Katherine at Happily Ever After Travel, if you have not already done so. Hover on the "Liked" button on the page to change your settings for "Posts in News Feed" and "Notifications." This will help you see more of what I post. Share the page with your friends. Interact with my posts: likes are good, comments are better, and sharing is best...to increase engagement of more people with my page. If you have used my services and post photos or other vacation fun to Facebook while on vacation, please tag my business page (rather than my personal profile, if we're friends). All of these  things will help to increase my business visibility on Facebook.
  3. Talk about my business. Most of us have conversations about vacation plans. If someone mentions that they want to go on a vacation, please mention me. I am happy to send you some business cards to pass out. I also have an electronic version of my business card that I often send by text if I don't happen to have a business card with me. Feel free to contact me by email, and I will send the business cards to you as soon as possible.
  4. Use social media. I have other social media accounts besides Facebook. You can follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram @TravelKatherine. Once you have followed me, please interact with me by retweeting, favoriting, repinning, and liking my posts.

I appreciate all of my friends, family, community, and clients (past, present, and future). Thank you for your support!